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Rules for Black Market

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Rules for Black Market

Post by Arctos on Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:00 pm

This thread is devoted entirely to buying and selling for the Pokemon Global beta, and (soon to be) Pokenet.

- All posts should be relevant and not designed to annoy/belittle/insult other users in any way.
- If you have a longer term thread for this forum, only bump it once every 24 hours. I will consider users who bump their topics far too early or repeatedly as trolling/spamming and issue a warning as I see fit.
- All threads should be on topic, don't start telling people about your pet tortoise that eats vegetables. That belongs in off-topic and should stay there as much as possible. Any thread that does not belong in this section will be removed and the user warned.
- Any issues with any user should be PMed to me or Viride, and we will try to sort them out. Do not create topics about other users which are intended to point them out for any reason, witch-hunting is not accepted on this forum.

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