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MY POKEMANS: let me show you them.

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MY POKEMANS: let me show you them.

Post by Viride on Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:05 pm

*Note: You have to allow HTML from your profile in order to view this table. To do so, go to Profile -> Preferences -> Always allow HTML.*

List of prices coming soon.

SpeciesLevelAbilityNatureGenderHPAttackDefenceSp. Atk.Sp. Def.Speed
Abra10SynchronizeRash (+Sp.Atk. -Sp.Def.)Female27109291725
Abra10Inner FocusHasty (+Spd. -Def.)Male28129281625
Magnemite16Magnet PullTimid (+Spd. -Atk.)371531362420
Magnemite16Magnet PullDocile (neutral)361831392320
Magnemite16Magnet PullCalm (+Sp.Def. -Atk.)351628392724
Magnemite16Magnet PullSerious (neutral)381928402420
Magnemite16Magnet PullCalm (+Sp.Def. -Atk.)341832362721
Magnemite16Magnet PullModest (+Sp.Atk. -Atk.)371532442519
Nidoran-f12Poison PointDocile (neutral)Female381921151616
Nidoran-m12RivalryNaive (+Spd. -Sp.Def.)Male342016171518
Nidoran-m12Poison PointModest (+Sp.Atk. -Atk.)Male331816171618
Nidoran-m12RivalryLonely (+Atk. -Def.)Male342015171719
Onix6SturdyRelaxed (+Def. -Spd.)Female201027101112
Onix6SturdyAdamant (+Atk. -Sp.Atk.)Male20122581014
Sandshrew8Sand VeilQuirky (neutral)Male26191981111
Slowpoke8Own TempoBold (+Def. -Atk.)Male33151711118
Slowpoke8Own TempoSassy (+Sp.Def. -Spd.)Female33161611128
Slowpoke6Own TempoModest (+Sp.Atk. -Atk.)Female27111312117
Slowpoke7ObliviousCalm (+Sp.Def. -Atk.)Female31121511138

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I would like your modest slowpoke

Post by Ski-Love on Sun Sep 06, 2009 12:02 am

And I would pay 2k for it and i used indigo cause i love it Shocked


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