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Rules for off-topic

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Rules for off-topic

Post by Arctos on Tue Jan 06, 2009 4:53 pm

Right, Viride has kindly allowed me to be a moderator of the non-members section of this forum. Seeing as I am here, I shall look after this section and lay down some rules:

- No post is allowed to deliberately offend any user of this forum. There is a line between joking and deliberate attempts to belittle and offend users. If you continuously break this rule, you will get a warning, then a ban.
- Any and all spamming must stay in off-topic, and even then you need to watch what you say. Don't go over the top with spam, otherwise it will be cleaned up and you will be warned.
- It is called off-topic, but try to at least be on topic on each thread? It's the sensible thing to do, if someone says 'I bought a new jeep today' to you in life, do you respond with 'Yes but NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP?' (for those of you that would actually do that, you know full well what I mean, don't be a dumbass.)
- Any issues with any users should be PMed to me or Viride, and we will try to sort them out accordingly. Do not create any topics designed to point out any user to the community, witch-hunting is not accepted on this forum.

I will lock threads which continue to break the rules, so watch what you post.

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